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Semi – Precious Stones For Tumbling

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Semi - precious stones for tumbling

Semi - precious stones for tumbling

Rock Tumbling is all about turning rough and often dirty and unsightly samples of semi-precious stone into highly polished and presentable gems. The process is long and labour intensive (almost - more to the point it requires periodic examination and changing of materials as the process progresses) - but most of all - it requires patience - and lots of it!

The reason for this is that a given "batch" of rocks can take weeks if not months to tumble into perfect shining gems. The duration of the tumble depends both on the hardness of the stones (MOH's Scale) and the required finish which is purely dependent on the enthusiast.

Uses for the finished rocks ranges for household ornaments to fine jewelry, but people have been known to place the rocks in their fish tanks to give that added shine to the fishes environment! They look great on the fireplace simply strewn across the grate plate - or - they look equally stunning placed in a clear glass vase or bowl and mounted on a window ledge or again, the fireplace. Another often overlook use is in their healing properties - however my favourite place for finished rocks has to be in the hands of my kids. They love them.

To tumble rocks, you need a rock tumbling machine, these are available at simple toy level of complexity to industrial sized machines, grit (80, 220, 400) and polish (normally cerium oxide) this is for the final stage. The 80 grit does most of the shaping of the rocks, trimming all the sharp edges and rounding off - the others (220 to 400) reduce the size of the scratches in the rock until they are manageable for removal by the polish. Most importantly - you need some rocks! These can be purchased online or in the high-street at a rock and mineral store, or if you live in the right area then you can find your own which makes the hobby even more interesting.

There is in online forum for rock tumbling folk with almost 3000 members. There you will find hundreds of pages of technical and useful information.

special rocks for Rock Tumbler?

i am thinking of getting my daughter a rock tumbler for christmas. i know you can buy refill packs of semi-precious stones for the tumbler, but do you have to? she has a whole slew of rocks from our backyard. can they be tumbled? i know they won't turn out as pretty as the jade or turquoise, but they'll be shiny? right? she'd be happy w/shiny gray.

Tumble polishing , or tumbling, is a technique for smoothing and polishing a hard substance. Within the field of metalwork, this is known as "barrelling", or "barrel polishing", and is subtly different, but uses the same principles.